Meet Pinna

Pinna is a cardigan designed to emphasise the feminine shape,
inspired by the silhouette of the past. With a figure-hugging design,
marked waistline and a beautiful cut, it has an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

The Pinna pattern has been crafted through the last year, with emphasis on
detail and elegance. It has been created so the pattern can easily be
fashioned into a beautifully handcrafted garment.

If you have been inspired to create your own Pinna, follow the link below
and buy the full pattern at How to do Fashion.

Danish Pattern   – English Pattern 

We wish you the best of luck creating your own handcrafted fashion attire.

Building something new

It is always a leap of faith when you start on a new journey.

All the ambitions of wanting to make the world a more beautiful place to exist in.
Trying to avoid doing exactly the same as the rest of the heard, and find your own
way within your own aesthetic. This is exactly what Vetus Stercore is about.