S(h)ave your knitwear

You have that one favourite cardigan, it’s just impossible not to wear it all the time because it just goes so well with everything… But.


Knitwear tends to start looking tired and worn after a while, it gets these little fuzzy linty things on the surface, it won’t help to rinse it out because it’s part of the woollen structure. That is where a disposable razor and a lint roller comes into the picture. You can simply shave your sweater and bring it back to life.



Place your knit on a flat surface and start shaving, try to work in a structured maner so you are sure to get to every part of the knit.

Don’t worry that it will cut into the knit, it will just shave the top fibers when it is on a flat surface. But do be carefull around the seams because of the difference in levels.

Go back over the area that you have shaved with the lint roller to pick up all the cut of fibers, this will make sure that your knit will stay fuzz free for longer.

You will quickly see the difference to the surface and the shaved areas will start to look as bright and smooth as when newly knit.


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