The approach to knitting

Finding most of the modern knitting patterns a little too simple and unshaped in their designs. I started looking at some of the original patterns from the 1930s, 40s and 50s, because they have the level of detail and shaping that I was looking for. But the old patterns by themselves need you to either having spend years in a finishing school for young ladies or be a wartime codebreaker. The information is sparse and you are expected to know all the basics. Many just says ‘make sleeve as usual…’ or gives instructions to continue in a certain pattern that might be seen as common knowledge and therefore not necessary to explain further. And they often only come in one size. All this makes it almost incomprehensible to even get started.

I decided to break these ‘codes’ and start to create designs inspired by these old and beautiful garments. But creating the knitting patterns using modern methods that explains everything, so it is easy to get started. They are written in traditional knitting code and in addition they also have the instructions in steps along side flat illustrations of the garment pieces. So wether you like to read your pattern the traditional way or prefer to work in a more visual manner the Vetus Stercore Patterns meets your need. This way a complicated knit becomes easy and fun to create.

“So join in on working on a smaller needle for more detailed designs that enhance the feminine shape and brings back some of that old-time decadence.”

– Eva, Vetus Stercore